Wakely Investment Management was born from the conviction that the financial considerations of clients are best served in an atmosphere devoid of conflicts of interest. Having experienced and rejected the operational realities of financial brokerage, we believe that each client is truly a unique entity and is entitled to be handled in the context of his or her specific needs. Size of investable assets, client age and concomitant considerations, objectives to be achieved, tax sensitivities, and appropriate risk tolerance are among the factors considered when evaluating each client’s profile. We operate in a fee-only atmosphere which directly aligns our compensation with our client’s success. This single fee compensates us for the all of the portfolio management, related services and advice that we provide.

While each client works primarily with a single professional advisor, our team works together to consider and evaluate potential strategies. Any proposed investment plan results from a disciplined process including both top-down and bottom-up analysis of economic and investment considerations matched to the characteristics of the individual investor. We are committed to listening before constructing and formalizing an investment plan. Client collaboration during this process is valued, as is input from the client’s attorneys, accountants, and other advisors when appropriate. Not infrequently Wakely Investment Management serves as a quasi-family office for many of its clients, as the relationships are often multi-generational, intimate in detail, and broad in the scope of services offered.

In accordance with regulations governing investment advisors, we are obligated to act as fiduciaries, and are therefore held to the most stringent standards applicable to professional wealth management today. In this exacting context, Wakely Investment Management pledges to generate superior value for our clients with whom we share the inevitable disappointments as well as the successes for which we continuously strive.